Jane Glover Barrister – Mediator – Adjudicator



I am an experienced civil and commercial litigator and an expert in the field of intellectual property.  My areas of practice include:

  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial litigation
  • Company law
  • Franchise disputes
  • Alternative dispute resolution
Because of the limited jurisdiction of the Copyright Tribunal, my role as Deputy Chair does not prevent me from accepting instructions in relation to copyright disputes except for matters involving filesharing and licensing schemes.  I am otherwise available to advise and act in relation to all other intellectual property disputes including those at IPONZ, the High Court and the appellate courts.


I am also available to act as a mediator in all types of civil and commercial disputes.

Mediation can be quicker and cheaper than proceedings before IPONZ or the High Court. It is also confidential, and parties have control over the outcome. If mediation is unsuccessful, or partially successful, formal adjudication is still an option.

Please contact me to discuss rates and availability.
Jane Glover Barrister – Mediator – Adjudicator

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