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I can’t deny it – I am a terrible magpie. I want to learn about everything that is new and shiny and sparklingly original. It was because of this tendency that I spent quite a large chunk of last year learning about human genome editing. And what I discovered is that – as many of you will no doubt know already – this technology really is more than just a sparkling new toy...

Interim injunctions and the tactical use of concessions


Interim injunctions involve not only legal principles, but also a more visceral appeal to the judge’s perception of what is fair and right.  The judge needs to make the assessment quickly and on the basis of limited evidence.  Yet the decision is incredibly important and will often put an end to the entire case – especially in the IP context. As a result, interim injunction...

Who can call themselves a “doctor” in New Zealand?


First, a confession.  This particular bugbear is linked to an earlier one: direct-to-consumer sales of gene testing for health purposes.  I posted about that here.  To add fuel to my already well-stoked fire of indignation, the presenter who tried to sell me gene testing and analysis services styled herself as “Dr L_____”.  Dr L’s business card gave her qualifications as “DDS, BS, Genetic...

Direct-to-consumer gene testing services for health


Maybe I’m naïve, but last year I went to a talk our local library, which was billed as “a free educational evening on epigenetics, nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, inflammation, methylation, vitamin D & more”, thinking that it was going to be a general academic talk on those subjects.  Perhaps I was lulled into a false sense of security by the venue, or the fact that I was invited by...

Jane Glover Barrister – Mediator – Adjudicator

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