Jane Glover Barrister – Mediator – Adjudicator



books for ip geeks: uncle tungsten


The other day one of our kids asked, “Mum, if you love Oliver Sacks so much, why don’t you marry him?” Well, quite a number of reasons really.  Sadly, he’s now dead.  And he was gay.  And too old for me.  Plus, unilateral adulation isn’t the healthiest basis for a relationship.  And he did have his demons – he was a complicated person.  Also, I already...

Charles Graeber – Auckland Writers Festival


One of my favourite times of the year is the Auckland Writers Festival, which sadly has just finished.  I always fizz for weeks afterwards, neurons bathed in new and invigorating ideas.  I’m always encouraged, too, by the number of lawyers and judges who can be seen in the audience there.  Surely it is a good sign that our profession is filled with people who actively seek out new ideas and...

Jane Glover Barrister – Mediator – Adjudicator

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